My name is Helen Isacson and I’m based in Windlesham, Surrey. My experience spans 25 years not only with a wide variety of private homes and gardens, but also commercial projects including small boutique hotels and luxury rental properties both here and in Europe.

In addition to being a designer, I am a very proud mother of two great kids and live in our family home with my partner David and Lucy our dog.

Our house is a home. I tell you all this because although this satisfies my need for an elegant feel and beautiful touch, it’s constantly filled with family and friends so it’s eminently practical and sumptuously comfortable which is the philosophical cornerstone of my designs.


It comes as no surprise to me that the vast majority of people steer away from hiring ‘a designer’ to help them create their homes because they fear not only the expense, but the result. The now long-standing trend, and seemingly universal design objective is that impersonal, cookie cutter house full of clichéd elements- like the obligatory ‘ feature wall’. There seems to be an almost insidious neutrality that can so often leave a soulless environment. I love originality and quality and believe that every room should hold a surprise that delights.

Beyond making certain we understand one another and create and share the same vision, my main function as your designer is to take you from where you are now environmentally to where you want to be in one straight, undramatic, uncomplicated line. I am your Project Manager and will allow no diversions for the usual mistakes.And with me guiding you, you will be spared a potential minefield of expense in terms of time and money by hiring the wrong decorator, electrician, plumber, craftsman or buying the wrong fabrics, tiles, furniture etc.
To that end, don’t forget this is ‘ what you want’, not what the designer wants.You might want a complete refurbishing of your home,move to a new property or just refresh and unclutter your house that by now have a lot of memories and more likely, in addition to your furniture, artwork, linens,books etc,your house is full of reminders of people, places and times. These things often become an increasingly important part of one’s home but when multiplied can end up dominating your environment to the point where you lose precious feeling of space and they lose their impact as a treasured piece in a sea of clutter.

I will help you sort through all of these things to reorder them so what you keep visible ‘is’ visible and if you decide to part with anything I have dispassionate experts to look at those items which might be special so you can be confident about any decisions you make.

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